Noting Absence

From the ‘Series of Body-Clay-Experiments’, Element #14, Public Engagement 8


During the group exhibition ‘Standing Block’ organised by ‘Lincoln Projects’
I performed as one of 10 artists ‘Noting Absence’ on 11 December 2017.

‘Noting Absence’ is one of my recent body-clay-experiments in which I was activating the body through pinching pots. Aiming to celebrate full presence I visualised moments in which I was noting my own absence. Every time when I became aware of my mind wandering I stopped pinching and dropped the current piece immediately, wishing to let go of all thoughts. A pinch-pot was saved, only when it was created with me being fully present, meaning body and mind were at the same place during the process.

The audience was invited to join in, and let the clay help them be fully present in their body, while imitating my gestures to mindfully pinch pots and letting go of absent moments. Pinching when inhaling, turning when exhaling. Through this experience one could feel themself in their bodies and re-connect their body with their mind.

Location: Lincoln Projects, Burlington Camden, 90-94 Baynes Street, London, NW1 0TZ

Duration: 11 December 2017, 7pm to 9pm

Participators: ca. 8 to 10

Photo credits: Mustafa Bogã

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