Lived Moments

‘Lived Moments’ is part of the project ‘This moment will never come back’. As reaction to the hectic and distracted every day this body of work focusses on the here and now.

Over the period of 10 weeks I performed, without the audience present, a sitting meditation on the throwing wheel, placing myself in the workshop in total silence. By focussing on my breath and gestures I would throw circles in clay with one breath only. By synchronising my breath and gestures to create circles as representation of the present moment, I activated my body to experience the moment as it is. Aiming to celebrate full presence I use the circle to visualise this very moment in clay.

After having lived the moment fully present I was able to let go of it.  Each moment I threw as a clay circle on the wheel, I dropped immediately after its creation. My body let go of the lived moment, while the clay captured the experience.

Throwing circles on the wheel with a single breath while focussing on my gestures and making use of the tactility of the material. It is a meditative process that allows me to pay attention to the here and now, the very present moment. After each breath I let go of the lived moment, by dropping the wet clay circles on top of each other, until my body tells me to stop. Each clay circle matches the volume of my single breath – 420g. The clay has the power to capture the fleeting presence that went into it. Through the firing process this energy is captured forever.

This body of work uses the breath to address presence, the body and time.

By choosing performance with artefacts as by-products of the process, I acknowledge the different dimensions of experiences that come from the artist, the audience, the process and the object.

‘This moment will never come back’ is informed by my previous body-clay experiments developed during the studio research project. My work in performance, embodied experiences and ceramic objects investigates how clay can help us be present in our body.

Download the pdf booklet.