This moment will never come back

As reaction to the hectic and distracted every day ‘This moment will never come back’ focusses on the here and now. Synchronising my breath and gestures to create circles as representation of the present moment, I activate my body to experience the moment as it is.

This photo series documents a series of performances carried out in some of London’s busiest spaces. Clay dust was slowly released forming a circle around my  body, synchronising gesture and breathing.

I inhaled grabbing clay dust from a ceramic bowl. Slowly I then turned around myself, spreading my arm to release the clay dust when exhaling. Just for a moment a circle remains and with it my absent body and a sense of presence. Until the next moment takes it away.

This body of work uses the breath to address presence, the body and time.
By choosing performance with artefacts as by-products of the process, I acknowledge the different dimensions of experiences that come from the artist, the audience, the process and the object.

‘This moment will never come back’ is informed by my previous body-clay experiments developed during the studio research project. My work in performance, embodied experiences and ceramic objects investigates how clay can help us be present in our body.

Download the pdf booklet.

The following photographs where taken by photographer Pablo Di Prima. Outfit by Lukasz Studencki. More photographs are available on request.